is a generative manifest, a performative process and an artwork at the same time
Each minted NFT is a unique version of the manifest

Stretching the definitions of the Non-Fungeable-Token.

The process has started, the process is ongoing, trust the process.
Some Manifests have already unlocked their revolutions, others have not.
Every Manifest will change, but there are already some things to consider:
Is the Manifestation with the one who minted?
Is the Manifestation alone?
Every Manifestation has its day.
A Manifest will look different in other hands.

Only the first revolution has unlocked..
Some future revolututions will be dependant on interaction with the chain or the artwork during presentations.
The minting of new manifests will be limited during active presentations of the artwork the initial year, in the period of this first year a total of 256 Manifestations will be available for minting during exhibition periods.
The first minting period will end February 18 midnight PST.
At the end of the initial year a 11.similar amount of Manifests will be released for latecomers, in batches of 32, locked into a single revolutionary state, double going marketrate.
Only those initial minters, who can make all the revolutions will share the final Manifest, the true artwork.

Whilst complicit of the same thing it critiques in its first iteration, it plays with the materiality of the NFT itself.
In the coming year the contract and how it manifests will change, but can also be changed by the holders / collectors.
How? One of the first hints can be found during the inaugural presentation of the work at the Transmediale "abandon all hope ye who enter here" exhibition at the Akademie der Künste in Berlin, Germany.

Another hint was dropped on twitter, perhaps in this website or other sources around the project.
The manifest has a social element running on which is a project aiming to create a social medium without emphasis on the written word or selling of private data and advertisements. Potential profits made with this NFT sale will partially benefit
But it will also consist of a future dapp, physical presentations where token holders influence the install to alter the iteration of their Manifestion, and of course a global treasure hunt.

In principle every NFT minted is a contract to partake in a trust exercise with the artist.
Fully on chain, stretching the medium specific possibilities of a new medium, hints will be spread in many ways.

There can be 8 revolutions for each manifestation. (this is a reference to the bits in a byte, just like there will be a maximum of 512 tokens minted) Although it will be incredibly hard to virtually impossible to unlock all chapters, the final chapter is most true to the artists intent.